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SW4 Pre-Galv. Cable Ladder

Speedway® 4 SW4 Pre-Galv. Medium Duty Cable Ladder is manufactured in 3m lengths as standard, 6m lengths available to order.
The cable ladder is available in standard widths of 150mm, 300mm, 450mm, 600mm, 750mm, 900mm and 1050mm.
Additional widths are available on request.
Rung spacing is 300mm as standard.

See Product Catalogue for order details.

Speedway 4 Cable Ladder

Product Highlights

  • Speedway Profile

    Unique Speedway ladder profile maximises strength by moving towards the I-Beam profile by adding a central webb that also minimises slip at the joint.

  • Unique Slot Pattern

    The slots on the Speedway ladder side are located close to the centre point of the ladder, thus eliminating the potential for localised weakness.

  • Earth Continuity

    Speedway Straight Ladder comes with a pre-punched hole for use with the Earth Bonding Strap.

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