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Hallo Deutschland!

We are thrilled to announce the opening of our new premises in Wedel, just outside Hamburg, Germany, marking a significant milestone in our ongoing growth and commitment to serving our customers across Europe.

This expansion into the German market demonstrates Unitrunk’s dedication to providing superior cable management solutions to a broader international audience. With a strong presence in the UK and an ever-increasing global reach, the new premises in Germany will further strengthen our position in the European market.

Strategically placed, the bespoke distribution centre will house over €2m worth of stock. Covering all the main cable management product ranges and sizes with a particular initial emphasis on supporting current and new clients engaged in the provision of data centre infrastructure and major commercial projects

“The Unitrunk Group is excited to set up a new premises in Wedel, as it aligns with our long-term vision as a global leader in cable management solutions, allowing us to trade effortlessly and efficiently in the wider European market,” said Dave Ainscough, European Sales Manager at Unitrunk. “Germany is renowned for its robust and dynamic market, and we see tremendous opportunities for growth and collaboration with independent and wholesale buying groups who wish to explore market synergies, as well as an opportunity to develop meaningful partnership arrangements across the region.”

The new premises in Germany will serve as a distribution centre and hub for customer support for customers with projects in Germany and throughout mainland Europe, providing tailored cable management solutions to meet their specific needs and timescales.

“For many years Unitrunk and its sister company Vantrunk have supported the new build data centre market in Europe and have also been extensively engaged in multiple infrastructural and commercial project collaborations across the UK, Ireland, EMEA and the USA. Therefore, we are really excited to embark upon the latest phase of our ongoing growth journey.” adds Eddie O’Reilly, Group Sales Director at Unitrunk.

The new facility is well placed to serve and support projects right across mainland Europe and Scandinavia in both mature and emerging regions. It has already been extremely well received by customers working in the various European markets, who see it as a valuable addition to their mainland Europe and Scandinavian supply chain options.

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