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TK bracket

Unitrunk’s latest product innovation, the trunking to channel bracket, is yet another addition the company’s ever-growing range of products which have been designed specifically to reduce installation times and save on project labour costs, which is beneficial at any time but especially so after the year we’ve all just experienced.

The Innovation team at Unitrunk tasked themselves with designing an alternative method of attaching trunking to channel which would reduce both, cable management system installation times, and labour required on site.

Comparably functioning clips currently exist for use when attaching ladder, basket or tray to channel but traditionally, attaching trunking to channel has been a time consuming and labour-intensive process.

The cleverly designed bracket from Unitrunk builds on existing design benefits resulting in installation times up to 7X faster. The bracket eliminates the need to drill into the base of trunking, as well as the intricate task of positioning the standard channel nut and bolt, in order to secure it to the channel.

Click here to view our time trial, pitching our new bracket against the traditional channel nut installation method.

The bracket is simply hooked around the trunking wall and into the channel, before securing into place by rotating the base of the bracket with a screwdriver.

The simplified process will be welcome news not only to installers, but also to Health & Safety departments around the world as it removes the need for hot metal work onsite when fixing trunking to channel.

The trunking to channel bracket has should be used in the horizontal plane and with 2 brackets at each fixing point.

Unitrunk’s continued investment into innovative product development, in particular in the area of time saving/rapid installation innovations, firmly positions the company as a global leader in total cable management solutions.

For more product information contact the sales team via email at or your nearest Unitrunk depot.